Bridging the Gap between education and experience with Jamon Turner of Just Believe

Bridging the Gap between Education and Experience

You may have watched his bull riding career, and you may have seen him on the Ultimate Cowboy Showdown, but have you seen what impact Jamon is making in communities across the country? Just Believe provides hands-on equine and agricultural education programs along with trade introduction for youth. They believe in the power that agriculture holds pertaining to the health, wellness, and economic longevity of a strong nation. As an advocate for western sports and trade programs, they specialize in education and inclusion for non-agricultural communities.

In this episode, we talked about what it means to bridge the gap between the education students receive in traditional school settings and the experiences they have that lead them to agricultural careers. Jamon shared insight on how mentorship and practicing compassion in the communities you want to serve is critical to understanding how to make a lasting impact.

This episode is chock full of gems. What did you learn from this episode?

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