Join us as we interview Demetris Sanders of the Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Program. Demetris shares his experiences in the program, how to become more involved and the challenges he’s faced as a minority in his field. 
 Tune in as we discuss some do’s and don’ts of the trail ride season. We share personal experiences and sound advice to help you have a safe and successful trail ride!
Caitlin describes her goals and aspirations for her literacy program, “Saddle Up and Read”. She speaks on becoming a non-profit and creating a book mobile in the future!
 We had the opportunity to speak with Cowgirl Chanel in Orange County, California! We discussed her role in the local horse community and her future endeavors (which we are really excited about). Keep an eye on this cowgirl, she is destined for great things! 
Caitlin and Abriana discuss what it means to be a cowgirl and how they define themselves while dropping some additional gems along the way.
 Listen in as we meet with Ashani Hamilton, the “Jamaican Jumper” and equine extraordinaire. He speaks with us about his journey and the confidence he gained by riding horses and competing at a collegiate level. 
 Horses. They are a passion, a culture and a lifestyle. Young Black Equestrians will discuss the ins and outs of equine culture with an extra dose of melanin. Follow us as we open up the conversation educating and promoting the lifestyle we love.